With the simplicity of a dynamic CMS, you will create amazing static websites.

Current features roadmap

Current Features

Flextatic is in active development, but is not yet complete. Here's what it can do, currently. To see all the planned features, visit the roadmap page.

  • Multisite by default

    You can manage all your websites from a single control panel.

  • Your website will be totally static

    Isn't that great? From a fully graphical and user-friendly interface, you can create static sites that are incredibly fast, stable, and secure.

  • Manage as many content types as you want

    Manage content types and associate them to your different websites. You won't have to create the usual content types for each site individually.

  • Powerful template system

    Thanks to the template system used by flextatic, you can give to your websites the look&feel you want, separating the design from the content

  • Taxonomy management for all sites

    Manage taxonomies flexibly and associate them to your websites.


    Publish your sites automatically using git

  • Content management

    Create content associated with content types and taxonomies quickly and seamlessly

  • Website versioning

    Each time you click the "publish" button, flextatic saves a new version of the website that can be retrieved later. More security again.

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