Flextatic is not the only CMS that generates static sites, but it is different because:

  • It is ready for end-users: Everything, except the template creation, can be done via frontend. No more complex configuration text files to create content, taxonomies, etc...
  • It is not required to republish the full site each time a change is done: The other systems, republish the entire site every time you want to publish a change, even if only a text changed on a page. With flextatic, only the necessary files will be generated, speeding up the publication process and allowing you to manage large websites where several users work at the same time.
  • High availability: With flextatic, it will be easy to create sites with high availability, because it will allow the content publishing to several servers simultaneously.
  • Features for professional teams: You will get all the advanced features that large websites need: such as permissions and role management, workflow...
  • Safe data: The others Static Site Generators store the content as plain text files in the system. The data is unconnected and unrelated. A system like this is not made to manage large amounts of information. The information is not guaranteed. Flextatic uses a relational database that guarantees the integrity of the data. This allows the data to be kept safe, and it will also allow checking the integrity of the websites in each of the servers in which the websites have been deployed. If in any of the sites you manage, some files have been deleted, modified or corrupted, flextatic will know and will be able to fix it.

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